We march into our new lives

I am begining this today. This is for you. This is for the day that you are here in my shoes. Wishing to tell the world. Wanting to hold it all in for yourself.  This is for the day that you doubt yourself, and worry about where you belong. This is so that you always know where you come from.
I am bursting with the news of you.  I walk down streets wanting to whisper to strangers passing by.  Wanting to shout it from the tops of buildings.
You are new and hidden and a mystery still to me.  Though I must admit, I feel as though I know you now.  I feel as though the moment you began, I knew.  I knew.
Nine months will not pass quickly enough before I can smell your skin and touch your hair.  Wanting to hold you close and see your father’s eyes in you.

You come from such love, baby.




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2 responses to “We march into our new lives

  1. Mon/Nana/Margot

    Coral, you make such beautiful words. You bring tears to my eyes. Keep writing to your wee baby. I too hope he has Jeremy’s beautiful eyes, and your glorious smile and tender heart.
    Welcome wee baby, welcome home.

  2. Shawna Burley

    Coral – this is the first time that I have read your
    website…and you have made me actually cry. What a
    beautiful gift to your unborn child. Write a book,
    dear girl….you have a gift. Love, Aunt Shawna

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