*beep beep* NEW JEEP!

Well… it seems we are officially growing up.
Friday afternoon Jeremy and I went and signed ourselves up for our very first ever (on both counts) joint bank account and credit cards. Yipes!
Then, Sunday afternoon, after a suprize bomb threat almost ruined our plans, we hoped on a ferry and spent the night at his parents house in Coquitlam.
We went out for some drinks (hot chocolate for me!) with some of Jeremy’s friends from high school and Matt and Kenny, then watched movies with Griffey.
Monday morning, and this is the exciting news, we signed the paperwork, and now officially own a 2007 Jeep Patriot. WOOP WOOP!
Well… we’re leasing it actually.
Turns out the car seat wouldnt properly fit in the back seat of the truck, so my mom bought it off of us and off we went.
Our new Jeep!


I do feel quite litterally, years older today. So much more responsibility! But its so much fun to drive!!

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One response to “*beep beep* NEW JEEP!

  1. Shawna Burlwy

    You so funny!!!! Leasing a vehicle is what makes you
    feel grown up? What about the corjer Baby?

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