A Girl Named Todd

Naming our unborn child is huge.  No doubt about it.  Coral and I have already selected the names but I am not sure if it kosher to drop them before the child is born.I will say this, one thing that is getting tiring is people wanting us to name our child after them.

It seems to go with the territory.  No sooner have I just told someone that Corj and I will be procreating, then some joker says, “hey I’ve got a great name!  how about mine!”

To be honest, one time someone did that and it actually worked and for awhile our unborn child had the name.  We were sitting around at Coral’s Aunt and Uncle’s place in Lake Cowichan and her cousin said, “How about Todd?”

“Shit! Todd would be a great name!  for a girl…”

Whoa, Coral and I looked at each other, and then at manly Todd… then at each other and said, “Todd for a girl it is!”

We said that last part in unison while holding hands and a rainbow burst into a starshower above us.

and yes… for a wee bit, *if* we have a daughter… her name was going to have Todd in it.

I *think* that has since changed and actually… right now I am having trouble remembering our girl’s middle name… you’d need to ask Coral… but I better ask first, I don’t want to get in trouble.  I should remember this.

So I’ll need to be sly and somehow trick her into telling me.

It is a skill I have down pat.  When I meet someone that I *should* know… I start by dropping like a “bro” or “buddy” and buy-for-time until either someone else uses the name or in a moment of devine intervention it dawns on me.

So I’ll need to refer to our kid as “cutie,” or “little one” and then I’ll say something like, “… and won’t it be so funny when our child is all grown up and gets busted for like sleeping with a football team, or math teacher or something and we’re so MAD and we yell out her full name.”

Then Coral would say, “hahaha yeah, (something) (something) BAKER! stop being a little whore!”

and I’ll be, “yeah!  (something)!”


– J


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