13 weeks, Holy Moly.

I was told that taking pictures of your belly as you progress is one of the best memory makers for your pregnancy. I seem to have a bigger bump than most people at my current point in time. And its not cheesies! I like it though, I finally feel like I look pregnant, not just a lil bit chunky.  But seriously, I look more than three and a half months!!

Jeremy and I (as well as his brother CJ and his girlfriend Caitlin) went to the mainland for the weekend. Fireworks, Gay Pride Parades, Freeway accidents (not us!), and Cupcakes filled up our days, and now sadly we are back at home and back to reality. I wish weekends lasted forever!


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3 responses to “13 weeks, Holy Moly.

  1. Shawna Burley

    So…..what is the name then? I promise I won’t tell a

  2. GranDad

    WOOOOW!! You look like it may be tripletts. he,he.
    But you do look good though. Glad to see all is progressing well. Keep up the good work.

    Love ya. Dad & Janet

  3. Dad

    Nice bump, but you are blocking the veiw of the truck!!

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