Chillin’ by the snack table.

We went to the Doctor on Thursday. The good news is I dont have HIV, Hep B OR syphillis. A relationship saver, Im sure.
The bad news is I havent gained ANY weight in six weeks… and I got  a littla talking to. So now its snacking between meals and just general eating at every occasion. The problem is, Im never really that hungry!
We went to Jeremy’s work BBQ yesterday and I made it my mission, tacky or not, to sit beside the table covered with platters of veggies, fruit and 7 layer dip. I ate until it litterally HURT to eat. SO there, take that baby. Lets see you get through all of that!

Speaking of the baby, when we listened to his/her heartbeat on the doppler there was this other louder noise which made my doctor start to laugh. She said “do you hear that? Thats your baby rolling around all over the place!”
What a little dancing queen we have!

Oh, and October 1st is the day of our BIG ultrasound. I am sad because it is late… and I am not one known for my patience attributes. But I will suffer through.
We should start taking bets on a boy or a girl.
Any takers?


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One response to “Chillin’ by the snack table.

  1. Caitlin

    you might not have any of those things, but i know you have herpes, you dirty girl.

    i wanted really badly to buy you pink on saturday just cuz i know most of the stuff carolyn bought you is boy-ish. i might still buy you something pink and make you put it on the baby whether it’s a girl or a boy. boys can wear pink, too!

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