Keep On Grow’n

Coral's Belly

Baby… you have made your mother very sick this past couple of days.  And no, I am not talking about the mixed martial arts choke hold that you put on Coral’s belly everyday… no, you gave her a wicked cold.  Something called Sinusitis.  It doesn’t even sound real, but let me share with you… it very much is.

Now I know what you’re thinking my unborn child… “what does it bother you, if Coral is sick?”

and I’ll forgive that thought because you have yet to be born and are still very much ignorant at this time… but when Mommy is sick young child, all people suffer.  She had an insanely stuffed nose and snot flying every which way!  it was quite a sight.  Not to mention that she couldn’t sleep through a night because she had sneezing fits.  Yikes indeed.  Yet one more thing for you to be sorry for, before you are even born.  Jeeze, I am starting to sound like a Catholic.

In the music department, you have witnessed many rock shows before you have even come into this world.  IN fact, some of the best shows I have been to in my life, Coral and I have seen together while she is pregnant with you.  Coral speaks of making you a scrap book with all the ticket stubs in it.  Fun, I like crafts.  This weekend we are off to Seattle for a weekend of excitement and music at the Bumbershoot Festival.  Thankfully (I guess) you weren’t born in the 80s, so this will be a sober one for us… thou, before you were even concieved, this was to be a drunkstacle… so that next “sorry” will be for me.

We’ve been listening to lots of music.  Some of records that we listen to while you are in Mommy’s belly include, Caribou – “Andorra,” Against Me! – “New Wave,” Rilo Kiley – “Under the Blacklights,” A Silver Mount Zion – “Horses in the Sky,” and Bright Eyes – “I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning.”  We wandered down to Ditch Records last week and did some CD shopping.  One of our favourite things to do together.  I’m sure we’ll be dragging you along on the adventures soon enough.  Learn to love it kid.

After our record shopping… there was a trip to see family at your Uncle Barry’s farm in Chemainus.  And on the Sunday we headed out to Mitchosen.  Another favourite thing to do.  Who knows… maybe you’ll grow up there!  if you’re lucky.  We tried to find the 20 million dollar mansion and achieved… well to to see the front gate at least.  There was also a gorgeous beach and we headed up to Pearson College.  Good times.

Well, I better go now… I need to feed your Mother and that in turn feeds you.  Blood test on Friday before we leave for Seattle.

Keep on grow’n.

— J 

Coral and Jeremy at Barry's Farm


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