Colour conundrum.

Hmmm. It seems Jeremy and I agree on almost every aspect of all things baby…
EXCEPT colours.

So we enlist your help oh faithful family and friends. Not that we plan on purchasing this just yet, but because we are good planner aheaders, which colour would you rather see you grandchild/neice/nephew/cousin rocking aroudn town in?

Red: rocketruby.jpg           Green:      indie-bamboo-quarter_03.jpg

For the record, they are exactly the same in every detail except the colour and trim.

So…. please solve our domestic dispute, this is our confirmed stroller… but… well, we only need one.




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11 responses to “Colour conundrum.

  1. Mom/Nana/Margot

    Well….let’s see….the Red one will match the Zone’s logo very nicely…would show up in a crowd…..suits a little rocker dude/dudette….BUT…the Green one will match his/her Nana’s eyes… hmmmm, GREEN is my choice. (Pretty sure no one in the family has red eyes so I am safe in assuming no one will use that argument against me!) XOX

  2. caitlininlondon

    i agree with margot, i vote green!

  3. Carolyn

    I like the red. Bright and cheery.

  4. Hehehe Nick

    red, i don’t like the OLIVY green muahahahaha, plus everybody like’s red at one point in their life. cause it’s a primary color, but that type of green isn’t.

  5. Matt

    Matt likes the red one. Red is sexy

  6. Carolyn

    Grandpa Jack votes for red.

  7. Mel & Byron

    We like red. Actually Mel likes red and I have learned after 18 years of marriage to finally agree with what she says…you will learn too Jeremy…hopefully sooner.
    Uncle B.

  8. Janica

    Hmmm…I’m thinking I really don’t want to get on one of your bad sides when I haven’t even met you yet, but I’m going to take a chance anyways. I vote for the GREEN one all the way! Go Green Go!!!!

  9. caitlininlondon

    uncle cj would like to vote for red!

  10. Shawna Burley

    I vote for the green. I am trying to think of a reason
    but I can’t. I just like green. I mean everyone will buy
    red! It’s like a silver car….sure they look good, but
    everyone has one, so do you want one too? NO!
    This is an original baby….give her the original and
    therefore special colour!

  11. onedayistoppedbreathing

    i vote for both, because one can never be too fashionable. the lady at the fair said you might get three, well, settle for two in very beautiful (and different) colours.

    ali/y/x jr. will be very happy with whatever decision you make.

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