Our Poor Savings Account.

Uh oh… We still have four more months to go and I appear to have hit a baby shopping spree speed bump.
I want everything I see.

But we have had some luck! A woman I work with emailed me to let me know she was selling her crib, change table and dresser (in a matching set) and would give me a deal if I wanted them. So… after debating whether or not it was indeed WAY too early to start splurging on all things baby,we decided to buy it. After all, it was all only for $150. So we scored a pretty sweet deal!

And then, turns out that Jeremy’s ex-girlfriend’s brother and his wife have the stroller that we want, and NEVER use it. They said that they love it, but are more inclined to carry their son around instead, so would we like to buy it off them… ? Heck yes we would!
Score two, the bumbleride rocket (complete with a bunch of extra add-ons which cost extra)! We’re not actually buying it off the until mid-October, as they will be in Europe.

I think we’re having some pretty good luck with this baby thing… so far!

Oh, and for those of you that are curious… its green. So, I guess that even thought I won the debate between red or green fair and square, Jeremy gets the colour he wanted after all.

How rude.


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