Time to rest.


Miss, I dont know what it is that you’re doing in there, twisting about and wiggling from side to side… but when its three am and I STILL havent fallen asleep, do you think you could just rest for a while??

Im so tired today, guess why!! Seems I havent had enough decompression time yet. Oh well, thats what this weekend will be for. Rest and cookies.

I am getting bigger. I can practically FEEL my belly growing. Actually, I can- it hurts! The ligaments are stretching and its causing quite painful cramping outbursts… not fun for me, or for Jeremy considering he hears ALL about it. Poor guy!

Otherwise though, everything is grand.  I had another doctors appointment yesterday. Dr. Grant says the baby is in the fiftieth percentile, so right smack dab in the middle. And I am right on cue size wise. So there to mean guys who ask me if Im eight months pregnant!!! >:P

I am still bitter about that!



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2 responses to “Time to rest.

  1. Caitlin

    I would still be bitter about that too. That man is silly. Love you and miss you. I bought you and Jeremy treasures today!

  2. vancityrockgirl

    oooh ya. that wouldn’t go over well with me either, lol.
    men. sheesh. what do they know anyways?

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