I am the dentist, Im gonna pull your teeth out…

So… I have this phobia… of the dentist. I have had it since I was a kid… but my mom used to make me go. Well…. I gues snow Jeremy has to take my mom’s place and lay the heavy on me.

I  got a cavity in my top back left tooth, and then I got pregnant.  You’re supposed to avoid major dental work while pregnant so I figured I would leave it until the baby was born, and deal with it then. Turns out pregnancy expidites all matters of the mouth, and since your teeth take such a beating, my cavity got worse. Way worse.
I was up bawling my eyes out until very very late last night, with the worst pain I have ever experienced in my life. Throbbing on the entire left side of my face. Ok, I decided, dentist time it is.
Fast forward to today. Nervous. I am sitting in my new dentists chair fidgeting and trying to look at every spec on the ceiling to distract myself.
After an initial consult, and an x-ray, Dr. Nelson came in and said “it looks like you have all four of your wisdom teeth, and that cavity is nestled deep into the top left one, so we’ll just pop it out today”

Seriously, two freezing needles later (and the nice kind, where he starts to freeze before the needle is all the way in to avoid any pain) and my VERY LARGE tooth is sitting beside me.  I think Jeremy is still wishing I brought it home with me as a keepsake. Ew.

And my mouth feels amazing. Well… at least until the freezing wears off.

As soon as the little miss is born I will go have the other three taken out.

Turns out the dentist isnt so bad after all…. Who knew?!

Phobia gone.


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3 responses to “I am the dentist, Im gonna pull your teeth out…

  1. I’m with Jeremy on this one – you should have saved the tooth! Or at least given it to him as a present so he could save it.

  2. vancityrockgirl

    i’m not scared of the denstist, but i did fear getting all 4 of my wisdom teeth out… everyone seemed to have horor stories… but when i actually got it done, it was like nothing at all (yey painkillers)
    i actually ate a slice of pizza a couple house after the surgery and went to work the next day. no problems at all.

    but seriously. is there anything worse than a toothache? that’s the kind of pain that you can’t ignore and it just makes your life miserable.

  3. rilah

    i need them all out, too and also put it off while pregnant. now it’s 15 months later and without dental coverage, well…i just hope if they get bad enough, it’ll be in hospital and covered by medical!

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