I am the Winner

and that means Mama Coral Jean is the loser.

BECAUSE we bought the GREEN Bumberide stroller.

Here’s the story.

Coral really liked the Bumberide stroller.  I really liked the bumberide stroller.  Coral liked RED and I loved the GREEN.

It went to a vote and you people voted RED.  WTF? right… anyways… Coral starts yapping with Laura (my ex’s brother’s wife) on the Facebook and mentions that we want a Bumberide.  Laura says, “Oh My GAWD! I have the green one and I’ll sell it to you.”

So we got green.

I win.

We love our new stroller.  It is very pretty and now I always want to use it BUT we have no baby.  So if you have a baby that you’d lend us to go walking with, we’d love to borrow him/her.

The End.

— J



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2 responses to “I am the Winner

  1. Caitlin

    i voted green. yay green! i miss all three of you. even coral.

  2. rilah

    seriously test it out! i ate my stroller now and have since my daughter was a month or so old. i recommend other people’s babies, dogs, large squashes, maybe some dirty laundry on the way to the laundromat. (this is funny, so i am linking yous)

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