We are terrible, terrible bloggers.

 Procrastination. I truly appologize.

So… an update you want?

I am getting huge. Like, really, huge. I hear almost every single day from co-workers ‘Ohhh you popped again overnight!’ and I restrain from punching them in the face.
My Aunt actually called me ‘fatty’ while rubbing my belly. Two big no no’s in Coral land.
I restrained from hitting or scratching though. Im maturing.

Along with a bulging belly,  for the past month and a half I have been having heart palpitations and a racing pulse. Normally I would just say that I lead an exciting life, but they only happen when I am watching tv or laying in bed or just generally doing something inactive. Lame.
So my doctor sent me to get some more blood work done and a fun little test with sensors. Then they sent me home with a 24 hour heart monitor called a Holter. I felt like a human-robot hybrid. That was fun…. for the first half hour. Then I got sweaty and itchy and just wanted it off.
So hopefully we shall get the results for that at Tuesday doctors appointment.

What else… Oh, we are offically in our third trimester, which is neat… but also means that we’re REALLY having  a baby in a matter of months. $!@&.
No Im kidding… sort of.

Speaking of the little miss, she has been kicking and punching up a storm. I swear, shes awake 22 out of 24 hours, wriggling about.  But Jeremy finally felt her whomp me for the first time. That was pretty cool.

Next up, putting all our extra stuff in storage so as to clean out our den and make room for baby things to come.  I know we have time still, but I would rather avoid moving bins and boxes while eight-nine months pregnant if at all possible.
Plus, this way we will have lots of room for our christmas tree!!!
We are also buying a couch off my dear friend Alix, complete with an automan, and so are in the process of purging out living room of furniture. I actually just sold our tv, and hopefully our entertainment center too! I love craigslist!!

We went to Edmonton with my sister Alyx for the long weekend. Never again will I agree to a drive straight through the night, we were all SO bagged when we got there.  But the other three days we were there were packed full of waterslides (for everyone but me and Dad 😦 ) family visiting and toodling about the city. It was a fun trip, but maybe next time we should go in the summer :P.

I think thats about it….



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2 responses to “We are terrible, terrible bloggers.

  1. rilah

    i totally suggest getting as much sleep as possible, lady. cuz around 8 months, insomnia will make you want to give birth asap. congrats on coming into the home stretch and i dare you to tell people it’s twins when they ‘suggest’ you’re huge. i got “you’re huge! that’s crazy! and you still have so long to go! just THINK of how big you’ll end up!” from a lot of insensitive asses (read: friends and family).

    i hope the ticker is okay!!!

  2. Shawna Burley

    I want it on record that I was not the Aunty who rubbed your belly and called you “fatty” – for once it wasn’t me!!!!!!!!!

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