Mmmm sugar

Well, the doctors appointment went well yesterday. Seems everything came back normal on my ECG. Thats good news!

Then they sent me for a slew of more blood work. Today I had my diabetes test too, fun neon orange soda-type drink.  Fifteen minutes later I was watching my belly dance all over the place with a sugar high. I told you, shes active!

Then, more needles.
Wow, pregnancy is the best time EVAR!

This weekend we get our new couch and temporary tv, exciting times, especially for Jeremy. Flat screen = His new best friend.

Tonight we are off to Vic General for a ‘meet the doctors’ night. Our doctor is part of a group of seven doctors that alternate shifts, so anyone of them could be the one delivering our baby… might be nice to at least see their faces at least once with my pants on…. /:S



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  1. Caitlin

    I’m relieved to hear the good news about your ECG. I know exactly what that feels like!! Glad to hear that it sounds like little miss is doing well. I miss you lots and lots.

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