Oh, wait, sugar is bad

So I just got a call from my doctors office… That little Gestational Diabetes test I went for came back with higher numbers than we would have liked.
Now my doctor has bypased the three hour test and is setting me up with a diabetes clinic at the hospital. SO LAME.

I really dont wanna have to test myself everyday. Boo.

Anyways, until I have more news on that…. lets see some pictures!!

Jeremy bartended at Jellyfish the other night….



Me and the baby came to show our support… we drank sprite and were the lucky guniea pigs to sample the new menu…. for free!


Oh, and we modeled our new maternity coat. Loves.




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2 responses to “Oh, wait, sugar is bad

  1. Caitlin

    you and that baby of yours are too cute.

  2. terra (aka rilah)

    that coat looks fabulous on you! *i mean fabulous in a completely non-gay way, it being the quintessentially gay word*

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