Nobody makes me bleed my own blood.

I am 29 weeks pregnant. Into my 30th week. I am in my third trimester. I am seven months pregnant.
I am not having my baby over Christmas holidays.
If I hear one more person ask me if they’ll even be seeing me in the New Year, I will beat them.


There, thats out of the way.

I met with the nutritionist at the Diabetes Clinic at VGH on Wednesday. We sat for an hour and a half going over everything I eat, and everything I should and should not be eating for here on out.  The diet itself isnt horrid. Its actually only cutting stuff I dont eat a lot of anyways, refined sugars. So I stop drinking gingerbread lattes, and I pick up a packet of splenda to put in my americano. Easy peasy.
Oh, except I also have to measure out EVERYTHING I eat at each meal, half a cup of milk, half a cup of cereal, half a bagel, whole wheat toast with sugar-free peanut butter, plain yougurt with half a cup of blueberries.  But no juice. And, lets just clarify here, I LOVE juice. Like, I live for it. I drink SO much juice. And now… none.
And meat, I can eat as much meat as I want. Super.
I would rather have juice.
Oh well, its good for me and its good for my wiggle worm. And Jeremy is adhering to it too…. well, most of it anyways.

Then, I went and had an hour long sit down with the nurse. Yipes.  Yes, a part of having gestational diabetes means you have to test your blood sugars. With a needle. Four times a day.  Its actually easy, and barely pricks, but its annoying.  Last night I tested both mine AND Jeremy’s blood sugar levels. Hes a wimp, just so everyone knows. He got so worked up when I came near him with the needle pen (which you cant even see a needle on, because its inside) that he was laughing and shaking and wriggling about saying ‘just do it, just get it over with’ and then yelping about how much it hurt.
Good thing Im the one physically having the baby, huh.

So, I go back in two weeks to go over my numbers and see if theyre low and even, and to look at what I have eaten (I keep a diary). If all goes well, I will only have to test twice a day! YAY!!

Alright, Im off to eat my sugar-free chocolate (a treat to myself) and watch Greys Anatomy from two weeks ago!



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5 responses to “Nobody makes me bleed my own blood.

  1. terra

    aw. i feel for ya. i had to do random testing cuz i came into pregnancy hypoglycemic (still am). i found it hard to maintain my blood sugar with zoë sapping it all up. has your doctor mentioned possible early labour or inducement? i’ve had a few friends over the years that they’ve induced cuz they were worried about the baby getting too big.

  2. terra

    oh is inducement even a word?!

  3. coraljean

    Hmmm… they havent said anything about early induction yet… but Im only seven months… and at this point Im still measuring right on cue, but maybe come January they will reassess that.

    Hmmm… I could handle her being early. Im so tired of being pregnant.

  4. Shawna Burley

    Poor, poor Coral Jean. When it is all said and done, you won’t remember how many times they took your blood, how many times you tested it, or any of the other bad stuff…..cause you will be oh to busy loving that little bitsy girl!!!!! Still calling her Todd?

  5. Caitlin

    i am jealous that you can watch grey’s anatomy. but not jealous of the fact that you have to poke yourself with a needle.

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