Chubby cheeks, little nose.

Yesterday Jeremy and I went and had a 3D ultrasound done.

Our normally active little gymnist-ninja baby decided to be sleepy and unco-operative for the first time EVER. She would NOT wake up, and the ultrasound tech was poking her pretty hard… I know, because I got the pokes too. Little brat.

She also wouldnt pull her arm away from her face.

On top of a tempermental baby, my placenta is on top, so the combined two makes pictures less than superb. But you can still see her little face, and most of her features…. at least enough to know that theres no chance of her being born a boy now. She flashed us a deccent diaper shot.

Introducing our little girl (again)….

We did get a partial smile.
Her profile, and her unmoving arm, part of her hand and a knee tucked up.
Pretty sure she has my nose, and Jeremy’s lips.

*sigh* Now I REALLY cant wait for that little beauty.




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5 responses to “Chubby cheeks, little nose.

  1. Mom/Nana/Margot

    Hello little lovely

  2. Caitlin

    She’s beautiful, just like I knew she would be 🙂 Miss you and love you lots.

  3. alix

    look at her, she’s gorgeous. well done 🙂

  4. tindy

    Oh she is so precious. I can’t wait to squish her cheeks!!

  5. vancityrockgirl

    those 3d ultrasounds are pretty amazing. i still can’t believe that we have technology that can actually take pictures of stuff inside you. cool.

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