Missle is Go


Little Brut… that is what you are called as we get ready for you to be born.  You are now what scientists call effaced.  I don’t know what that means, so I say, The Missle Position… as in “ready to launch.”

 Your mother talks a mean game about how you fight her belly and squish your head into her vagine.  She doesn’t like that and tends to be in a pretty bad mood because of it.

One day in the distant future, when it matters most, you will be randomly grounded.  This will be the reason why.

… in other news:

We will be taking you on a couple adventures soon after you’re born.  One will be to see REM, The National and Modest Mouse at Deer Lake Park in May and the other might be a trip to San Francisco and then Seattle for Bumbershoot.  You’ll have lots of indie cred by pre-school and will probably be a bit of a music snob to your kindergarden teacher and that’s just the way I want it.


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One response to “Missle is Go

  1. zoeyjane

    awesome. we took mine to see sarah harmer. not as cool as the wished for tool concert, but much less second-hand smoke.

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