Ahead by a quarter of a century.

Today I turn 25. Well, technically I already have. I was born at eight something.
Happy Birthday to me.

A note to my baby inside:
I am so excited for you, but please dont make your entry into the world today. You can come out tomorrow. I will welcome you with open and grateful arms.
Please dont make me go through labour on my birthday.


Today Im going to eat cake. Full sugar cake. Maybe even two peices. 



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3 responses to “Ahead by a quarter of a century.

  1. zoeyjane

    happy bday! you totally just jinxed yourself: it’ll either be tonight at 11:49 pm that you start feeling ‘funny,’ or you’ll totally go over and be sitting there 9 days after your due days going ‘getoutgetoutgetout.’

  2. Taylor

    Happy Birthday.
    Chances are it will be tonight. Most of our fam is born in January and you totaly jinxed yourself.
    Have a good celebration. Talk to you soon. 🙂

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