OK…. So I -MAY- have jinxed myself by saying for so long I thought she would be early.

Im starting to feel like shes never going to come out. And yes, I realize that my due date isnt for another 13 days…. but so what. IM IMPATIENT!

My friend Sandy, who was due Valentines day, had her little girl on February 3, Superbowl Sunday.  Boo. I was having semi-regular contractions almost ALL DAY Sunday, and still…. NOTHING.

Le sigh.

Oh well I guess, today I cleaned my bathroom and swept my apartment and set up appointments to go look at condos tomorrow and meet with our mortgage broker.  So, I guess she’s doing us a favour by staying tucked away.
But you try telling that to my poor aching body. Im so sore. Im fully effaced and 2cm dialated and she has dropped down and her head is fully engaged. The pressure is discusting.
Whats that? Oh, its going to get worse?? Yeah thanks.



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4 responses to “HURRY UP!!!

  1. Taylor

    That looks like a fun contraption to be in…I feel bad for you.
    I hope the unpleasantness neds soon.

  2. Shawna Burley

    Excellent, make lots of plans. She will come then, kids are like that, as soon as you make a plan – they change it!

  3. zoeyjane

    oh, i am so psyched for you to really get to feel uncomfie soon. tell me you’re going for drugs. you guys are planning on venturing over here a little while after the little one arrives, eh?

  4. vancityrockgirl

    you totally jinxed it 😛
    i feel a valentines day baby… i feel it!
    (hence why that’s my day in the baby pool)

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