Caught in the Rain

cue up Preston School of Industry’s “Caught in the Rain.”

Coral is about ready to get this baby out of her.

Friday was a good adventure.  I was working late as I am known to do on a Friday and Coral was feeling terrible.  She had a lot of pain in her back so she called her doctor and her doctor recommended we hit the hospital to check it out.  Warren picked me up at the Zone and off we went to Vic General.

We arrived at around midnight and proceded to sit around for the next two-and-half hours.

Some student doctor kept coming in and asking, “on a scale of one to ten, with one being no pain and ten being excruciating, how do you feel?”

Coral would answer soemthing like, “four.”

and then he’d “hmmm, I see” then run off for twenty minutes to come back and do it all again.

This last minute, late night call opened my eyes to the very real possiblity that our baby… *might* be born at some weird hour after I had done a 9 hour day.  No food, I feel like ass, Coral does not have her bag, does not have her slippers… all that fun stuff that we would pack if the baby would come on a lazy Sunday… like today.

So after they let us go home at 2:30AM… we slept and on Saturday went on an adventure.

We bought a hamper from Superstore and filled it with snack foods, soups, sweets, drinks and all the yummy things we’d eat if we were camping.

Coral packed her bag and all that is left to do is make a playlist on iTunes to jam out while we’re waitng for Madelyn to be born.

We are also trying all the witch craft and old wives tales we can find on getting this baby to come out of Coral.  Lots of walks… mmmm, lots of spice.  A warm bath, cleaning, and uhhh… sexual relations.

We went for a wlak today down to Ditch Records to pick up some new music, the Hot Chip and Bison albums, and it dumped rain on us!  yikes.  Coral was drenched… me, less so.  I wore my gumboots!

Time to get ready to head down to Element to DJ.




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2 responses to “Caught in the Rain

  1. zoeyjane

    Coral, have you tried hot showers for your back? I’d literally stand with my lower back in the stream of scalding water for 9.5 minutes (cuz ten is apparently too long – raises your core temp too much) and just stretch out to hug the wall…really helped relieve some of the pressure. also, during the first 3 days of early labour (yeah, i had about a week), helped to determine if they were the real deal – the contractions. the fake ones’d let up; once they were the real, productive ones, i was wary of even going in the tub by myself cuz they were so hardcore.

  2. coraljean

    The back pain wasnt labour or contraction related. My doctor warned me to watch for it as a sign or pre-eclampsia and liver swelling. So it was a much needed, but pointless at the same time, trip.
    My biggest concern now is that my contractions are in my lower back, not my stomach, and accompanied by cramps. So Im constantly going ‘should I be more concerned here…?!’


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