3 days until her due date.

… and still nothing.

Pout pout pout.

Jeremys cousin Jacquie has her little baby boy (Andrew) this evening.  I must admit, Im jealous. Everyone that I knew that was pregnant and due near me has had their babies.
Miss Madelyn, you certainly are stubborn. 
And I know, I know, Im not even running late yet. Shes due on the 20th, and its only the 17th today… But when you walk around for three weeks with a baby fully engaged, your cervix completely effaced, and as of two weeks ago 2cm dialated ( I have no idea if thats changed) its hard to think shes going to be late. ESPECIALLY when your doctor says she would be shocked if that little baby wasnt early.
Then I remember, oh yeah, she’s a product of me and Jeremy. Of course shes going to do things on her own schedule, her own way.

How silly of anyone to have assumed otherwise!



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3 responses to “3 days until her due date.

  1. zoeyjane

    dude. i was in the same boat, almost. not as dialated (1cm) but really early, non progressive labour for a week and a half. and my doctor said the exact same thing – same words and everything. and my baby’s daddy has the same name. SO, diabetes aside, you’re me…therefore at 4:30am, the day before your due date, you’ll wake up to pee and then the show will begin and she’ll arrive only 5 hours and 40 minutes into her due date.

  2. coraljean

    Oh god I certainly hope so.
    People keep telling me my hard labour will be shorter now because my body has been going through everything for so long. We’ll see though.
    Im just SO ready to be done this, and to meet her.

  3. Carolyn

    I know the waiting is hard (Jeremy was 10 days late!) but she will be worth the wait 🙂

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