Life, giggles and colic.

Ooooooh, why yes, yes we are still alive.

Miss Madelyn is eight weeks old this Sunday. WOW. But she isnt two months until next Thursday.  And how will we celebrate? By moving into our new condo.
We signed all the papers today and we close our deal on Tuesday and then we’re homeowners. $#%&@!!!!!

Yeah.  Double WOW.

The past eight weeks have been a blur. I find that I sit down now and am blown away at how quickly time is already passing. Shes changed so much since we came home from the hospital. She watches people now. She follows you around the room, at first just with her eyes, now her whole head turns as you cris-cross the room. She smiles, and not just at lights and windows anymore, she smiles AT you. She giggles when shes happy and when Daddy tickles her cheeks. She coos and goos and gahs. And I know that the next time I blink she will be crawling. And then walking. And talking. Oh god, stop.
Every day there is another soft hair on her blondie head. Every week she has a new tender roll on her beautiful belly.  Im sure if I watched her for an hour straight I would see her grow before my eyes.
I love seeing her change each day, but I yearn for her to stop, stay tiny and curled in my arms. Wrap her tiny fingers around mine and stare into my eyes forever.
Even her cries are changing. She has a touch of colic, and so I am very familiar with her cries now, each and every one of them. And just when I think I cant handle another minute of crying, she smiles at me and gurgles and I melt. Every day passes so quickly.  Dont ever grow up my precious baby.

But I am savouring it. The little moments before she falls alseep and her hands clasp me as though Im all she needs. The smell of her baby curls and the crook of her neck.  The feel of her arms, soft and downy and so small.  The little things that I thought I wouldnt notice, that I couldnt live without, that I know I could never forget.  


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2 responses to “Life, giggles and colic.

  1. awwww. i told you you’d be a natural. anyone who is still deep in love, even with the emergence of colic? totally mommy.

  2. Mmm, the best is baby breath (without teeth!) and smiles! I kinda miss that stage but each one so far has been amazing! Even walking…it keeps me in shape! Keep up the great work!

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