Oh heeeeeeeey, remember me??

I am making a vow to regularly update my blog. I promise. I pinky swear.
I guess that life does get busy when you have a baby. And its like, not even daily calanders are filled up with appointments and tasks, its like every spare moment means I could put that load of laundry away, and I could pick up groceries…. but lets be honest, I would rather have a nap. I love me some naps.

So, my baby girl is officially an infant now, and no longer a newborn *tear*. She hit three months on the 24th of May. I had a mini panic attack. But with the arrival of the third month, came all sorts of new talents and abilities. She can grab things and put them in her mouth. She can roll over (both ways, and I know, shes advanced). And shes developed the amazing talent of *drum roll please* blowing raspberries ALL. THE. TIME.
Im covered in spit.
Ahhh love.

I would upload some recent pictures but I am currently on our new laptop and thus have none on me. So… patience merci boucoup.

Hmm, other news? I have a new little brother. Three months and one day younger than my child, and you know what? Im getting to be ok with it. His name is Riley Alexander. I heard a pride in my Dad’s voice that made me realize that little guy changed him in a way I hadnt realized he needed. And hes absolutely adorable.

Mmmm kay kids, its baby feeding time, and the mommy feeding time. Menu at the casa de Corj tonight? KD, extra saucy just the way I likes it.

And I do promise, from now on, blogs every other day. Remember, I pinky swore, and theres no backsies on those.



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2 responses to “Oh heeeeeeeey, remember me??

  1. dude. most of us moms, with the first kiddo? totally didn’t blog for like at least six months. live guilt free and just type with one hand while nursing. 😛

  2. Caitlin

    remember the letters we wrote in high school and how you always wanted to name your little girl riley? kind of funny now that you have a little girl, and your dad named his little boy riley. i bet he’s cute, but not as cute as maddy! tell your dad i say congrats.

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