Yes, yes, oh yay.

See? I promised, and I (almost) never break a promise. Especially if pinkies are involved.

So, I have had some deccent financial luck as of late.
For starters, I started getting random cheques from the government. Neat! Oh yeah, child tax credit, awesome!
Child care credit? Sure!
Then, I got a promotion at work. Yeah, I got a job two paid grades higher while ON mat leave. I’m bragging, its disgusting, I know, but I’m effing proud. I will go back to a job worth going back to.
And then today we got a $400 cheque in the mail for referring our realtor to a co-worker of Jer’s who ended up buying with her. Nice.

So, its treat time.

Ive been drooling over the idea of a new camera. Yeah, I know, we just got one, and it rocks, I loves it big time. BUT, its a point and shoot, and my heart yearns for a fancy smancy digital slr. Like, I long for one.
So Ive been doing some research and think Ive narrowed it down to either a canon or a nikon, but possibly a sony.

This one maybe?

Thats the canon. Prrrr.

Or how about this?

Quite obviously, the nikon. *Drool*

Or? Theres this lovely…


Im torn.
SO Ive enlisted the help of a few camera savvy friends and will hopefully make the deadly purchase this weekend. You know, between painting the kidletts room, finishing unpacking and the Oak Bay tea party. Look for better pictures to make an appearance shortly there after.

I know right? Woah is me, cant pick between three retardedly expensive cameras, blah blah blubber whine.
S’ok, Im done now.

On another note, I did make a decision to start blogging regularly. I like it. And I like readin other peoples, especially other moms. How cool is this new generation of women exposing their lives and flexing their creative muscles?! Im seriously so inspired. Now lets hope I dont suck at it. 😛

Aiight, I think its time to put Mr. Laptop down. Madelyn is has been making some wicked grunting noises on my lap, and I think I need to go take care of that. Its getting stanky. Oh the joys hey?

PS – ZoeyJane? I totally typed most of this one handed. Frickin A.



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5 responses to “Yes, yes, oh yay.

  1. told g’ya!

    my god i’m envious. at the end of the month, my kiddo and i are totally coming to stay with you guys – you’re rich!

  2. Taylor

    Go with the Nikon. Our school yearbook uses the same model and I love it.

  3. Caitlin

    way to go on the promotion! nice work, especially having had the interview days after giving birth. you’re like super-mommy.

  4. I have a Sony DCS-H3 (not DSLR, but high end point&shoot) and like it a lot. My only issue with it is that Sony is so &$@# proprietary with memory cards/wires.

  5. vancityrockgirl

    congrats on the promotion!
    shhesh. how do you do it lady?
    that’s amazing. i’d be bragging too.

    personally, i’m in love with the cannon EOS rebel.
    i have the 35mm version and i pretty much heart it.
    i hope to one day own the digi version.
    it’s on my wedding registry… you know… just in case someone decides to get us a really good wedding gift, lol

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