If she can do it with eight, I can do it with one. I think.

Im watching Jon and Kate Plus Eight.

God, I have never been more happy to have only had ONE baby. One perfect baby.

Psssh, right.

Actually, most days, this is the beautiful and smiling face that greets me in the morning.

Perfect, isnt she?

But every now and then… I get this.

And I know its going to be a wonderful morning.

On a side note, I saw Sex and the City tonight. Delightful.
Yes, I am that girl. I am the girl, that has all six seasons on dvd. I am that girl, that developed a dynamite shoe collection over the years. I am that, that girl that would DIE to go to New York. I am that girl, that writes more than she speaks, that would be a writer for anyone who would publish her.

A part of me relates to the show.

But I realize that its fiction. I went to the movie in sweats. If its a two and a half hour movie, yeah, Im going for comfort. I dont own Jimmy Choos or Manolo Blahniks, nor would I wear them to a movie if I did. So when I looked down at the rows in front of me and saw groups of girls, many of them teenagers, dressed to the nines, I laughed.

Because I am not that girl. No way.



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5 responses to “If she can do it with eight, I can do it with one. I think.

  1. i’m not THAT girl, either – in fact, i won’t even get to see it in the theatre. but that’s okay, cuz me and the DVD and a couple of girlfriends and some alcohol and snacks are going to do SATC comfie.

    i have a website you should check out, if you wanna look into freelancing. trust me – one day soon, you’ll be all, “i’m mastering this sh*t called motherhood and have time to give to something else.”

  2. Oh, I neglected to mention the Bottle of Baileys I snuck into the theater with me, cuz coffee by itself just wasn’t going to cut it.
    And please, website me, Im intrigued.

  3. alix

    you are, however, that girl that points out other people crying. made humorous by the baileys. shall we go a third time? in pjs?

  4. Ha, what’s funny about that is that SITC started ten years ago and those girls in the front row would have been between 6 and 8 😀

    Look at the teens biting our style!! I feel so old, haha..

  5. on a non-SATC note (because i have never watched the show, and i think i’m the only human with a vagina on teh planet that can say that, lol)
    i sometimes watch that jon & kate + 8 show… and holy shit.
    first of all, that guy always looks like he wants to kill his wife and then himself. he looks like his life is miserable.
    she is a crazy woman. i mean, i get that you would have to go super type-a to survive a life with all those kids… but wow. she has been driven off the deep end.
    8 kids? WTF were they thinking? say goodbye to your life.

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