“I wish they made that for grown ups”

Jeremy is sweet.
He is a good man to me, he is a good son to his mother, he is a good friend and he is an amazing father.
Sometimes, however, he is slightly… um, whats the word… absent minded? Distracted? Unaware?

You be the judge.

Please take note of the screaming four month old to the right.

This is ‘Daddy daycare’ as he calls it. Careful though, he said that on his radio show the other day and took some vicious hate calls about being an absentee dad and how ‘its not babysitting if its your kid’. Don’t worry, its a joke.  Pssh, I obviously don’t pay him.

So, in lieu of pulling out my hair when Madelyn is in one of her ‘moods’ we hooked up what I am now referring to as Parent No. 3 yesterday. Seriously, thank fucking God. I am happy she likes it. Really, really happy.

Gives Mommy a chance to sit down, drink a beer and reflect on life before stretch marks and spit up. Sigh.
Fret not, Im kind of kidding. :S

(Excuse the towel under foot, until I find a joint with my stud finder *wink wink*, its hooked over a door frame where we haven’t yet put down the carpet-to-hardwood transition.)

But I ask you this, which one of us do you think has the better time:  Drunky mommy, or so-happy-i-could-puke (and probably already did just licked it back up) Maddy??


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2 responses to ““I wish they made that for grown ups”

  1. that picture is fucking classic.
    men get off sooooo easy in the grand scheme of parenting, don’t they?

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