She sleeps like the dead.

I dont get it!!

Why will she fuss and whimper when I try to put her down for an afternoon nap on days when I really need her to sleep for an hour or two. And then today? When I have errands to run, and stuff that NEEDS to be done in a time line? She sleeps.

For. Three. Hours.

What the hell?!

Come on baby, we gots stuff to do! Like, go to the gun range!

You think Im kidding? Heck no.

I need to track down some kiddie ear muff/headphone thingies.  Jeremy is broadcasting his show from the Pemberton Music Festival in July and we’re all going (Free of charge courtesy of the radio station, otherwise I wouldnt bother). My doctor said shes fine to go to outdoor concerts as of two months, but I want to err on the side of caution. Im trying to be safe, but MAN, those things are hard to find!!

But gun ranges? Gun ranges have noise isolators. So to the gun range we go. Nice.

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