….. I started the cabbage soup diet today. I figured it would be a good cleansing water-weight loss start, so I feel better, and like working out is actually accomplishing something.

Yeah, we started it today… and Im ready to quit already.

I dont think Im the dieting type.

*I will stick it out though…. I will.



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6 responses to “Blech.

  1. follow your heart.

    and also, lets go for a run!

  2. vancityrockgirl

    ugh. sounds awful.
    it might not have anything to do with being the dieting type… crash diets like these are notoriously hard to commit to because they are extreme and unrealistic… and offer short term results due to water weight loss, but you’ll gain it back almost immediately after stopping.

    i wouldn’t torture yourself like that…

    the only real “diet” that works is a total food overhaul focusing on low calorie, low fat and small portions.
    if you want to lose real weight, weight watchers is the best. it actually works and it teaches you how to change your habits for long term success.
    or just live your life, be healthy and learn to not worry about not looking like a supermodel and be happy in the skin you live in.

  3. Have you considered The Master Cleanse? I was going to do it for this week before blogher but I changed my mind. Not eating probably will make me a very very surly person. Not the impression I’d like to make on everyone. LOLOLOL

    Kudos to you for sticking it out. I hope it works!!

  4. ok, we didn’t really stick it out… like a couple days. but it was fun to try! haha

  5. Taylor

    Try the master cleanse. Nothing but specially prepared lemonade.

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