I cant get no satisfaction.

Yeah… I should be asleep now. But tonight for some reason Maddy-O has decided not to.
Well, thats not entirely true… she is, just very sporadically. And when shes not? Shes screaming.

Actually, she refused to eat before bed tonight, like RE-FUSED, so Jeremy put her down at nine thirty and she ko-ed. Since then she has been up a half dozen times, and inconsoleable.

I thought, ok, maybe shes hungry now, makes sence, right? So I whip up my shirt and plunk her down, because by now? Them boobies are FUUUUUUULL.

But no dice, this actually makes her scream more. My self-esteem is in the toilet, my own child screams at the sight of me topless. SHeesh.

So we walked around. We sang. We looked at the pictures and records on the walls. We looked out the window. She seemed to calm down.

THinking, theres no way Im going to be up again in two hours so she can eat, I tried to feed her again, to no avail. More screaming ensued.

After a few failed attempts to nurse her, or calm her in any way, I got frustrated and laid her down in her crib and walked away. Breather for mom.

So then? Dad comes in, pops a bottle of pumped breastmilk in her mouth, and she happily chows down and now? Sound. Asleep.



There are no words.

Oh yeah, and the diet? No way man. I lost that battle. So instead? I got my gym membership renewed and happily sweated like a pig this morning. This, I can do.


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3 responses to “I cant get no satisfaction.

  1. Isobel started teething around 3 months. Would go on periodic feeding strikes cuz of something to do with the pressure of nursing vs a bottle on the gums. Of course, her first tooth didn’t pop through for like, 3 months, but the symptoms and signs were all there.

    Good for you for allowing yourself a breather. I wouldn’t let myself have one for like, 9 months and it ultimately made me EVIL.

  2. vancityrockgirl

    wow… you have far more patience than i do.
    the sound of a screaming kid makes me want to peel my skin off. i could not handle it for hours on end.
    jesus… how am i ever going to have kids? lol
    i gotta work on this shit.

  3. I agree, it must be a teething strike.
    I love how mother nature gives you a couple of months of sleepless months, followed by a week of good nights (or just enough to cause your sanity to return) then she follows up with teething, or some major development stage that causes everything to go to hell again! Damn it, everything is a stage, even the good things!
    You’re my hero for walking away! I also waited too long to start that…now when I walk away it’s usually to plot my revenge…then I calm down and life is good again. 😉

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