I need a vacation

Beacause you know what? Its midnight. And Madelyn has been up four times since she went to bed. At nine.
This is becoming a nightly thing and its making me wonder, although shes only five months and ‘they’ say no solids until six, if I should bite the bullet and go ahead and start her on cereal or something.
Not to parent via books, but Ive read that shes not filling up enough when that starts.  But those four times shes woken up? Three of them she boobed on. So…. she CANNOT be hungry anymore… can she?!

So this combined with my reccent inability to fall asleep before two am, and her eight am awke up call… Im bagged.

Anyways, yeah, I need a vacation.

Well, that works out, because Im going to get one.

And Im so. freaking. happy.

We are catching the seven am ferry off this rock Thursday morning and running some errands in Vancouver before taking the scenic route up to Pemberton for the first, and highly anticipated, Pemberton Festival. So. Stoked.

I will admit, its a hefty ticket price for the three day event, our tickets were comped by Jers station, but we would have gone regardless. I think its cool that Canada has a big concert festival. Or, at least that its trying to have one. We shall see after this year if it happens annually.

And yes, Mad is coming too. I ordered noise insulators for her. What the what, you say? Noise Insulators. We bought her the white ones. She looks a bit…. whats a pc term for retarded? Anyways, still cute as hell.


And I am SO glad she likes them. Or at least tolerates them… cuz that would blow a large hole in my plan to actually see some of the bands.

So we are looking forward to three glorious, hot, music filled days. And then? Shuswap.

I havent been there since I was a kid, and man, I LOVE lakes. I cant wait to take the devil child swimming. And to see Jer introduce his Grandma to her great grandbaby. Im a sucker for that stuff.

ANd so I bid you adieu.  Fo a week and a half. Ahhhhh.

Well, lets be honest, Im addicted to the interenet (no really, my day is diapers, email, tummy time, blogs, naptime, facebook etc) and there just so happens to be internet access in the media tent, which we are privvy to. So… who knows, maybe I will update.

But I shall leave you with this, the cutest baby Ive ever gestated, thats for true.

Big Baby blues, and



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6 responses to “I need a vacation

  1. James

    If your addicted to the Internet go get an Iphone. The thing rocks hard, and internet wherever you are!!

  2. Dood. Give her the rice cereal. It’s cool, for some babies, after four months. Especially if she’s more than doubled her birth weight and has lost that whole tongue pushing out reflex they have. Give her the cereal! Get some naps, yo.

    Also? Rock out.

  3. Caitlin

    that pc term you’re looking for, i believe it would be special needs.

    but seriously, how could anyone that cute possibly look retarded?

  4. vancityrockgirl

    have fun!
    hope you guys enjoy the vacation…
    and at least if maddy isn’t digging all the mayhem at pemberton, you can leave early and not feel bad about having to get your money’s worth out of those retardly priced tickets. free tickets rule.


    And yes, give her the rice cereal! The AAP is sayin 4-6 months now. You should be cool.

    Good luck!

  6. Oooh, looking forward to a full update on how Pemberton went with the little one. I think it’s really good that you guys expose her to that kind of thing. She will be an awesomely adapted and outgoing little girl because of you two!

    Yea, rice cereal. I bottle fed, so that was always enough until the 6 months mark, but I’d definitely listen to the nursers above 🙂

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