Summer time and the living’s easy

Well, we made it. Our first summer holidays with le babe, and we have acheived sucess.

We got home late Sunday night and slept in our own beds for the first time in nearly two weeks and it was bliss. I didnt realize just HOW much I love my bed. Prrr.

So, Pemberton? Fucking. Kick. Ass.

I know there have been some iffy reviews about the organization etc, and yes, there were some snaffus. Like, porta potties? Need to be emptied EVERY. DAY. ANd they should grow more grass, to avoid the dust. Which was really only bad on one day, but still, it made my boogers black. Ew.
But there was everything and anything in terms of food to choose from, like even Vegan. Tres yum.
Oh, and the little side issue of the music. Right. I saw so many bands that I have wanted to see for SO LONG. My fucking five month old child saw Tom Petty and NIN. Hello? Thats dope.

What else. Coldplay put on an amazing show, even coming into the crowd for part of it. ( I dont care if you dont like Coldplay, give them credit for being true to form live) Although they didnt play Green Eyes, and because my eyes are green, it is my favorite. The Hip, obviously was amazing. Flaming Lips? They had a giant bubble with a man in it rolling around on the crowd, and teletubbies. I missed most of Wintersleep because N.E.R.D was nearly and hour late and wouldnt get off stage, although, to be honest, I watched them and they were suprizingly good. Im not really a hip hop fan, but both them and Jay Z were really cool to watch, they really get the crowd pumped which is a big part of the appeal of festival shows for me. Interpol was good, but I wasnt blown away like I hoped to be. And we left the Deathcab show half way through, which was kinda lame, but they were just so…. blah. NIN was a band I had ALWAYS wanted to see live, and Im so glad I finally did. And Tom Petty is just Tom Petty, you cant say anything bad about seeing him live, youre a lucky cat if you get to. Although, as Jer’s boss pointed out, he isnt reaching those high notes anymore.

I am really bummed that I didnt get to see Danger Mou5 and but it wasnt worth the crowds for me to venture into the Bacardi Tent for.

But man, Jeremy and I decided that if it was a possibility, we should move to Pemberton.
It was beautiful. Its like, the little town that the big city dreams up. Twenty minutes from Whistler, adorable and full of niche stores. We decided to would grow basil and start up a company called ‘BC Herbs’ and live in the mountains. I mean, look at this…

My favorite moments of the whole weekend?

The crowd singing ‘Lights will guide you home’ in Fix you at the end of Coldplay, but lets face it, Im the girl that cries when something like music intertwines humanity into a chorous of feeling, that shit affects me.

The dude and chick mud wrestling in the giant mudpit that developed IN. FRONT. OF. THE. PORTAPOTTIES. Dudes? That wasnt just mud. Ew.

Madelyn falling asleep so soundly in my arms in the middle of NIN.

Madelyn falling asleep during EVERY headliner, with her little headphoned head drooping on my shoulder.

Having a puff down with Tindy and Katie G amidst the tents and hearing a faint ‘Dont do that where all the security can see you’ from the staff area. Oh, right.

I just totally fucking cranked that chick, man. – Drunk nineteen year old OVER and OVER.

E News talking to us and taking pictures, which were apparently on tv, but we missed it, lame.

The Hip. Just their whole set.

Jer dancing with Mad during N.E.R.D.

Walking right past the lined up portapotties, into the media tents and using clean flush toilets. Ahh.

Leaving every night to go back to our hotel and have a shower.

So yeah, next year? I will go again. And if it continues for years to come, I am happy the Maddy will be able to say she was at the very first one, I thinks thats really cool. In fact, most of the people that passed us, or came up and talked to us told us how awesome it was that we brought her. There was only one girl who, while drunkenly falling over her friend, slurred ‘Oooooh mah Gawd, I cant belief you would bringyerbaaaaaaaaaaby to thisssshow. ‘ I thanked her for her enlightening parenting advice and told her to carry on being seventeen and loving life.  We saw about five other babies (almost all wearing headphones too), and a bunch of kids, but I had expected more. Maybe because we saw so many at Bumbershoot last year. But whatever, I would totally do it again.

Madelyn will grow up with music, around it, and in it. It will be a big part of her life, because it is in bother her fathers and my life.  So yeah, Im happy we took her.

The rest of our holiday we went camping up at Shuswap with Jeremy’s parents and Maddy met her Great Grandparents.  She went swimming in Shuswap Lake for the first time, and we were able to get four generations in a picture, how cliche of us, I know.

Then we journeyed down to Kelowna and visited with my Dad and her lady friend and my new little brother. Madelyn happily test drove all his toys for him, and had her first boat ride.

And then Jeremy and I decided, that yes, Pemberton was awesome, but its Kelowna that we could really see ourselves living. The lake. Prrrrr. So nice, our life could be.

I mean, come one man.

And then got back in the jeep and drove home. We spent a night at Jer’s parents place and drove down to the West End and had Vera Burgers and cupcakes. We watched the Pride parade and walked around Stanley park. And I realized that I could never leave the West Coast. This place is amazing.

Those kids running in the ocean, sand and froth and sun on their skin? I want that for her. I want my daughter to grow up by the ocean. Sure, we can hop in the car and drive to the mountains, and the lakes this province has to offer, we can see concerts and love the places we go. But we are the West Coast. Its in my skin and my blood, this place. And I want that for her.
I want her to grow up experiencing different lifestyles, and knowing that they are all right and good. I want her to see the places where the forest stretches out onto the sand and into the ocean. And I want her to eat sugary cupcakes in the sunshine.



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5 responses to “Summer time and the living’s easy

  1. Mom/Nana/Margot

    Amen to that!!

  2. tindy

    Aw, I’m glad I made one of your best moments of Pemberton.

    And just so’s ya know, I think that you are two kick-ass parents and Maddy-O is sure lucky to have you both. =)

  3. jameslrr

    Sounds like you guys had pretty much the perfect summer vacation! And i totally agree with every sentence you posted about the West Coast. This place pretty much rocks face and i could never leave it.

  4. Char

    Sounds like you had a gooder vacay! Trust me when I say that Kelowna is a great place to visit but an entirely different place to live. I know this as it was my former stomping grounds for 18yrs, and since moving to the isle I haven’t looked back…ahh island life is GOOD!

  5. Oooooh, wicked post! There are so many points I want to touch on, dammit! I just don’t want to write a novel – for your sake 🙂 Awesome writing and pics though, reading this was like being there myself.

    I’m glad you and the fam had such a great time.

    I was thinking of featuring your blog on my blog tomorrow and through the middle of next month, is that cool with you?

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