A couple changes

There are going to be a couple of things changing in the next little while, the first, maybe you noticed, maybe you didnt, is the header. Its no longer ‘Life is Just a chance to grow a soul’. I named the site that when I first started it, over a year ago, because I wanted to write kind of an online journal for Madelyn. But its obviously changed quite a bit since then. I started blogging more about myself and our daily life, than just her, or for her.

So its now called ‘Like the Reef’… which maybe is weird to you? I had a myspace, and a livejournal  before this, both with that name. The reason?

My name is Coral.
No, Coral, you know like the reef.

Times a million, for how many times Ive had THAT conversation.

So this is the blogs new name.

Second, the actual address, will soon be likethereef.com. Soon.  I guess, as soon as I can justify spending money on a domain for a blog that obviously makes me no money.
Soon. Hold your horses on that one, I will let you know.


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5 responses to “A couple changes

  1. James

    Hey Coral. Just curious as to whether or not you are going to Radiohead later this month? I was reminded when I read your last blog post about cheating on them.

    Also domain names are cheap, like 10 bucks for the year.

  2. I paid $3.95US for mine. Couple it with hosting and you usually get an extra deal, like two free domains and unlimited subdomains…blah blah blah.

    If you’re interested in trying to make some money, you could always sign up for BlogHer ads and/or Savvy Source. A lot of the mom crowd are doing that. I don’t know if you want to include yourself with the rest of us boring, old mommy bloggers, though 😛

  3. morningaftershow

    hey Carol, luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv you!

  4. LOL @ morningaftershow. Awesome girl, love the new name, will update my blogroll and when i do your profiling thing tonight *this time I mean it* 😛

  5. weird… i commented on this post a couple days ago and it didn’t show up
    boo to the internet.

    anyways. i use go daddy for my hosting and such and such. and i have no complaints.

    and i have updated my blogroll with the new name. i like it.

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