I have reccently become aware of the vast array of visitors this blog gets. Makes sence right? Its the world wide web. More people than I can control visit this site. And I know this based on my blog stats, kind of.
The problem is, that you never know EVERYONE that comes here.

And I feel the need to express my appologies to any person who feels hurt by anything I say here. I mean no ill will. This is catharsis. It is freedom. It is mine.  Its the only thing I get completely for me.

But I never meant to hurt you. Truly. Even though our lives are no longer connected, I would never wish things badly for you, or try to hurt you, or your character. I admire you, throughout our entanglements, and wish you very very well.  Im sorry for disrespecting any part of you.

And to anyone who reads this blog, please take into consideration that there are many sides to a story, many faccets, and this is just mine. Sometimes it may be biased. Sometimes there may be peices that I dont know about that are missing. Take it at face value, but know that, as in life, there is always more.

This is just my story.  Everyone has one.  

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