I is getting hitched, yo.

Is it silly that Im already planning my little butt off. I mean, I guess thats me… who and how I am. But…. sheesh. Its a year away man.
Good news? Im already racking things in at UNDER my budget, which means open bar for my party people.  Jeremy and I both agree that we wont have a wedding with a cash bar. Its hosted by us, and thats that. We drink, we know how cool and appreciated it is to go to a wedding and not have to pay six bucks for a beer, and we have the ability to add it to our bill now, and just do it.
Yes. So.

Venue, check.  Food, check.  Bridesmaids, check.  Drama, oh double check that sucker.
Already? Yeesh.
Dress is picked, gym is my new best friend and Im starting to get used to the paperweight on my left hand.  So this is wedding planning. Huh.
One thing I have already come to realize…. when you plan a wedding you are really throwing a party for everyone else. Forty bucks a head. Wow. And thats the second cheapest! Music, cake, wine, beer, cocktails… But… like… you get gifts right? Oh, and marrying the person you love. Blah blah blah.

For Natalie’s inquiries.



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5 responses to “I is getting hitched, yo.

  1. jameslrr

    Nice Bling Coral. Where you guys having your wedding? Oh and if you are interested in having your wedding filmed/edited I know a guy.

  2. You’re so fucking hot.

  3. Beauty. And help, needed, drop me a line. I’m a planner, too. (Not on Natalie’s level, just in the list making sense) PS. Maria=genius.

  4. alix

    white chicks and gang signs- you are such an adorable nerd! and that’s why i laff choo.

  5. eeeeeee. totally amazing. that ring is outta control.

    that’s wicked awesome that you’re under budget…but definitely reserve some coin for the little things that are easy to forget about… table centerpieces, wedding favours, blah blah blah.
    weddings are money pits… there’s always something else to buy it seems.

    and i sincerely hope that you have a manageable amount of wedding drama. ’cause that shit is balls. i know.

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