Friday Five

1. I did hip hop abs this afternoon. I had to wait until Jer left for work and Maddy was down for her nap, then I closed all the blings and bounced around in my underwear to really bad music.

2. I keep getting bouts of nausea today, and everytime I think: I better not be freaking pregnant AGAIN.

3. IM NOT.

4. I spent half an hour flipping through the Home Outfitters flyer dreaming of the day I get to go make my registry.  Seriously. Can. Not. Wait.

5.  We might end up moving to Vancouver in a couple months… and Im terrified of leaving my life here.


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5 responses to “Friday Five

  1. jameslrr

    I could never live in Vancouver, every time I go there I say to myself, this is a cool place to go to for the weekend but couldn’t survive all the time.

    What would take you to Vancouver?

  2. Caitlin

    Not gonna lie, 2 and 3 made me lol. Like, as in, I actually laughed out loud. I am excited for you to register. And a little jealous.

    P.S. Please don’t move away.

  3. oooo, a vancouver move?
    could be magical. it’s a rad city.
    plus it’s not like you’re really far from victoria. it’s an easy trip over to visit the peeps.
    ps. my mom is a realtor if ya need one.

  4. one more note on this post…
    again, i hate to break it to you, but here’s how the registry works.
    – EVERYONE will ask you where you’re registered.
    – NO ONE will buy you anything on your registry
    – a couple people may buy you a gift card for the place you registered at.

    so what i’m saying is don’t put too much stock into the registry. it’s fun to dream and pick things, but in reality, if you want those things you’ll have to buy them yourself anyways.

    we got mega hassled for not wanting to register, so i caved and made a registry and even mentioned it on the evite… and no one bought us anything on it. it was a total waste of my time and effort (like i guessed it may be). we actually didn’t even get any gift cards from where we registered.

    but picking things is fun times… it reminds me of when i was a kid and i’d circle things in the sears wish book for my christmas presents.
    although i never got any of those things either.
    i’m beginning to see a pattern here, lol.

  5. jen

    but just think of the NEW life you could make here!!! it could be so wonderful!

    walks along Kits beach, chocolate fondue in English Bay, Grouse Mtn Christmas FUN, SO SO SO much… oh and ME.

    Love you.

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