My biggest problem is motivation. Or… lack of motivation, rather.

I am very good at creating plans, and ideas and dreaming up plots. But my follow through is lacking.
This has always been a huge flaw in me.

The biggest issue at this point? Working out. Getting back in shape. I used to be in wicked shape. I mean, I ran, I worked out, I had abs.

Now? Not so much. As a matter of fact now I find it hard to find the motivation to even start. I mean, sure, I go… for a few days, or a couple weeks, but then I lose the wind powering me… and the couch starts to look mighty comfortable.

So… I have been toying with this idea. Now, let me preface this by saying I HATE reality tv of any kind. I am not the type to do gameshows and competitions and races and what not. Its not me. I have never felt the urge to be on tv battling for anything.

But… maybe thats the little push I need? Maybe thats the scare factor that will keep me going.

I pose this question to anyone who has input now…. Should I enter?


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5 responses to “Help…?!

  1. Mack Over Challange! do it up…. maybe you’ll get paired up with your hero, Hudson mack! could you imagine?

  2. jameslrr

    Go for it.
    That is all.

  3. 6-9am?! Ouch! Although… You probably get up early anyway.

    I went for a run tonight, the first in (holy crap) seven months. My sister keeps bugging me to go to the gym with her but our schedules kind of are opposite. If you’re just looking for someone to occupy the next treadmill and then do the leg open/close machines in turns with you I’d be down!

  4. well, if it gives you the push you feel you need, then i say go for it!
    at least enter. then if you get accepted, you can revisit if you really want to do it.
    you’re braver than me darling… i’m not cool with my photo being used for promotional purposes. unless of course it’s getting me free booze, haha.

  5. alix

    oh for sure, i think you would love this! it would be good for your outsides and insides.

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