Six and a half months.

I am thinking of starting a paper link chain around my cubicle… A little folded link for every week between now and December 30th. Every Friday I will ceremoniously cut through another link. Another week gone away. I am quitting December 30th. I am elated. I am going back to school. I am going to get a job I want to do. A job that means something to me. A job that isnt simply a paycheque . A job that makes being away from Madelyn all. day. long. worth it ub the end. Yeah, Im excited.
Can you tell?
Oh, the things I would say on my last day, if I had the balls, and sane coworkers.

Six and a half months. Sigh.


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3 responses to “Six and a half months.

  1. good for you!
    that is super awesome.

  2. I’ll count down, with you. I’m so excited for you!

  3. may as well go out with a bang…plz make sure I am sitting within earshot of you telling D.R. what a sexist piece of shit he is…I even volunteer to video tape it.

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