Food, Inc.

Food, Inc. is coming out this summer. I am so unbelievably jazzed for this movie. Please go see it. Please be aware of what you eat, and maybe start to make our society change and be aware of what we allow to be put into our bodies, and our childrens bodies. Be aware of what you are eating. Nothing is going to change until we start to demand it. Im not, in the slightest saying dont eat beef. Eat beef. Eat grass fed healthy non-industrialized beef. Im saying dont eat beef that has been fed grain and remains of chickens, dogs and other cows. That shit? Is so not right.

And also, if you never have, read this book. Theres more books, but this one is a good start.


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4 responses to “Food, Inc.

  1. let’s go on a movie date to see this! (after Bruno).

  2. *gasp*

    All of a sudden, a trip to the farmer’s market sounds like a perfect plan for Sunday! I remember after I saw that McDonald’s movie (Super Size Me, I think) I ran to the Whole Foods (ish) place and replaced/stocked up on everything organic. It’s sort of stuck over the years, but i still on occasion buy my monkeys Mc D’s and Kraft peanut butter. I guarantee this movie will have an effect on that. Thanks for sharing, missy!

  3. Looks like a great film to check out! I think moving away from the N.A. diet was one of the healthiest things our family did! It’s just too easy at home to eat crap! Here they have a full aisle dedicated to yogurt!! Vege’s & Fruit selection is limited to only what is in season, but the taste is worth it! The only problem is that it costs a fortune…but you get what you pay for. (lol How about 15euro/kilo for a top quality Bresse chicken?)
    lol I feel like I’m on the food version of the Matrix…at home it’s difficult to see the disaster, but away it’s sooo obvious! And, among other truths about the French, they are very serious about their food. 🙂

  4. if you haven’t seen it, i really recommenced watching jamie oliver’s 1 hour special called “jamie’s fowl dinners”
    it was amazingly eye opening. very well done without being preachy or too scary…
    and it made me vow to only buy free range chicken and eggs from now on. he convinced me that it’s well worth the extra few $$

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