Why I should sleep in.

I love to sleep. I will sleep all day if you left me to it. Ive been blessed with a baby who also loves to sleep. And she has never given us an issue in sleeping through the night, twelve hours straight. Its bliss.
This morning, however, I woke up at 5:30. And not just woke up, looked at the clock and rolled over, but like. WOKE. UP. But it was so early that I forced myself to try and fall back asleep. An hour later I finally let myself get out from under my warm duvet and greet the day. I figured it was a perfect chance to enjoy my morning coffee in silent solitude. And it was. It was bliss.

We have been semi organizing Maddy’s room because I have a vision of how I want to redecorate it next month when she graduates to a big girl bed. We had been using her closet as mainly storage, so I figured since I was up I would sort through some of the big rubbermaid bins of crap. I snuck them out of her room and hunkered down in the living room sifting through memories I had been hauling from house to house since I moved out of my moms house when I was nineteen.

And the memories flooded. Jee-sus.

So, here’s the thing… when I was growing up my mom and step dad moved a lot. Like, once a year for many many years. When I say a lot I mean that by the age of 23 I had moved 25 times. And it seemed to always fall in the middle of a school year… so I got pretty good at making new friends, and at becoming aloof and standoffish my first few weeks at whatever the school dujour was. Sometimes growing up all over the place makes a person come out of their shell, be outgoing and exciting and confidant. Not me. Moving made me awkward and shy and lonely. I very strongly recall feeling like I was always leaving behind my friends. I was always the one having goodbye parties and writing letters to my ‘best friend’ in four different cities. I remember feeling very lonely a lot.
It took me a long time to start to act like myself and become comfortable enough to be me with my new friends. Usually that happened about a third of the way into our time at our new home town. And then by the time we were moving away again I had full blown best friends. If you have ever heard me tell stories about people I knew growing up you will notice I refer to a lot of people as ‘my best friend when I was a kid”… thats because they probably were. For a brief moment in my life those people were so important to me and the place I called home at the time.

So, back to the bins.

It struck me, as I read through old notes and yearbooks and scrapbooks Id been given my some of the sweetest people. I missed a lot of what could have been with some of those people. Some of those friends meant SO much to me. A lot of those friends I should have done a better job of keeping in touch with. I sat there this morning realizing I missed the lives I had before, and the simplicity of small towns and close houses.
I feel like I never really HAD that. I dont even know if I can describe THAT, its not what I was just listing of… its ALL of it… I just know I missed out on something big that a lot of my friends had. Stability. Growing up with people. I never had that. I had a chunk of my life with these friends, and then a different chunk of my life with those friends, and so on and so on. We moved away and I kept touch with a couple people with letters and phone calls, but when you’re 15 and your parents have moved you twice since you lived in the same town as your 13 year old best friend…. things start to change. And I missed out on the same group of friends moving through junior high school and senior highschool and graduation and beyond. It made me really sad to think about it.

I guess… I dont really know where I was going with this, if anywhere. I told Jeremy I want to move. I want to leave Victoria and all its snobbiness and cold people and constantly out of our reach lifestyle costs. I want to move to a small town where Im not afraid of Madelyn walking to her friends houses. I want to bake my own bread and give loaves to all my neighbours. I want to have drinks and dinners with our friends every Friday and have all our kids playing upstairs. I want what I remember, even so briefly. Because I miss it. And I want Madelyn to know it.


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5 responses to “Why I should sleep in.

  1. and then I was like… uhhh, I wanna move to Vancouver.

  2. And then I read this and was like, uh, wanna move to the West End of Vancouver?

    Cuz some of us down here are really doing that. Zoë and I have dinners with close friends, and play-time while moms and dads sip teas, and we bake and we bring muffins to neighbours, and everything is exactly where we need it. And if I can do it on my income, y’all sure as hell can.

    (Plus you’d have an instant dinner invite. Just saying.)

  3. Small town Alberta’s where it’s at for me. Every single person I know who lives there either in a city or small town, loves it and doesn’t ever want to leave due to quality of life being so excellent. Col and I have four or five friends/family right now that’ll drop everything to move there should we go and it’s a high possibility since it seems a young family can never get ahead around these parts without inheritance, etc and oh, I love the Olympics but don’t want my kids to be paying for them.

    I still wanna win the lottery and move somewhere to the desert though!

    But the Canmore place that James pulled up on his quiz the other night on Twitter seems pretty ideal to me! And wasn’t that where you went to school with hot stuff Rory Bushfield?

    • I spent three different chunks of my life living in Airdrie which is a small town outside of Calgary. That place holds a HUGE shunk of my heart. And Kamloops, where I also lived a couple different times in life, and miss whole heartedly. I get you though… I can never give Mads the things I want her to have growing up here, simply because owning our home costs us fifty percent of what we make each month. Its insane.

  4. ” I want to leave Victoria and all its snobbiness and cold people and constantly out of our reach lifestyle costs.”
    And here I thought it was just me. I lived in Victoria for ten years back in the 1980s and, come to think of it, I worked mostly in media.
    I have been living in Duncan since about 1991 and although I have had some serious ups and downs here I still have a more favorable opinion of my life here and the people I have met than I ever did in Victoria (and from the sounds of your email few things have changed.)
    PS My sister and her husband live just outside of Airdrie. (Small world)

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