Pretend this is February 24th.

This is coming exactly a week late. But in my excuse, in that week we had olympic celebrations (did you SEE that hockey game??), a birthday party fitting for a two year old princess, three colds (once each) and all the other usual hubbub in our house. Still, its late. And I know. But the fact is I wrote it on her birthday, I just haven’t posted it until now.

Anyways. My kid turned two last week. TWO. And this is what I want her to read, that I wrote sitting beside her on the eve of that enormous day.

Madelyn Olivia,

Its ten fifty one pm on your second birthday. I am sitting here, pen in hand, trying to find the words to fill a page. There are enough words, there are more than enough… But how do I string them together adequately enough, let alone eloquently enough for you? Beautiful you.
You are actually, at this moment, lying in between the pillows on my bed snowing heavily due to the cold you acquired this past weekend. Cushioned in a thick cold medicine induced sleep, snoring away so soundly. These past few days at bedtime you have found an unbelievable need to be held and rocked to sleep, your head resting on my shoulder. I tried to resist it, to enforce a bedtime routine, saying it was just a phase, you needed to cry it out and it would pass. But there is something about a baby, so soon to be a child, crying for her mama that can soften even the toughest of stone-set wills. And so here we are, ‘in the mama bed’, filled with your sweet snores and not enough words in the world to convey how much this fills up my heart.
You are two, Madelyn Olivia. Two years old. As you would say, throwing your arms out in dramatic fashion: are you kidding me?! TWO. Where has it all gone already?
I thought your first birthday was earth shattering. Another year has passed since then and even greater the changes have been.
The conversations we have now. The things you’ve told me. The things you’ve showed me. I marvel at you Madelyn.
I’ve been told by people that you’re so smart, and so beautiful and so advanced for your age. And I know this. I know you’re incredibly intelligent, and I think you probably know this as well… But theres more there. There’s something about you, and I can’t quite put my finger on what it is, but its something.
Im finding it hard to put into words what I want to say to you this year, so I will say this.
You are incredible Madelyn. I am a lucky person, and incredibly grateful to have been blessed with you. I hope to always be with you, supporting you, cheering for you and watching you accomplish anything you chose to do. And I hope to see the day you realize your potential and step into it. Because… Lord help the world the day Madelyn Baker has her way with it.

My baby, my little girl, my changing, growing, amazing, sweet, stupendous, radical two year old girl. Happy Birthday.

Love, Mama.


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5 responses to “Pretend this is February 24th.

  1. That made me gooey feeling, inside. Happy Birthday (a week ago), M!

  2. wonderful… just wonderful.
    happy bday mads.

  3. Aww, so darling.

    PS. What hockey game are you talking about?

    • ha, obviously the gold medal game. i thought my heart was going to fall out in the last minute of regular time. then ot, god. luckily my (secret real baby daddy) crosby saved the day.

  4. Lol, oops I forgot to add the wink, I was just razzin’ ya 🙂

    I know Sid is your man, I actually thought about you and a few other ladies who love him … you must have been so proud! Did you guys catch the Crosby vs. Ovechkin rivalry documentary that aired way later that night? I was pretty impressed, actually swooning over the guy. I used to be a solid Ovechkin fan but that documentary changed everything! The OT goal might have had something to do with it too 🙂

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