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I have lost my toes.

Oh, they certainly arent kidding when they say that the last few weeks are the hardest.
Everything hurts, everything swells, everything aches. And it starts to seem endless.

I feel as big as a house. An old creaky broken house.

And her due date seems both farther away than ever, and closer than can be right.
A matter of weeks makes me a mother. And I feel like Im unprepared and not quite ready. I kind of feel like I wont ever  be prepared or ready.
But still, shes coming, ready or not.

In the land of updates….
We had a fairly busy Christmas. In Victoria and Coquitlam (and the rockiest ferry I have ever been on).  You cant tell from the picture, but the horizon was going from the top of the windows, and back to the bottom with each wave.  The ferry litterally stopped and the captain coasted us in, we started from the third docking bay, and ended up in the first. It was quite cool actually.

It was festive and we were both spoiled rotten. But thats ok, because I have a feeling next year will involve a lot of “Jeremy and Coral, who? Look at the pretty baby, awww.”
Which, honestly, is just fine by me.

I also found out that Im going to be given a younger brother or sister. Mm hmm… My biological father, informed me that he and his lady-friend are three months along with a bundle of their own.  Their baby will be born mere months after my own. Yes, Madelyn will be older than her Aunt or Uncle. I will chose my words wisely on how I write about this as my opinion and feelings have gone from one end of the scale to the other, and I fear only unruly emotions and hurt feelings will result.  Perhaps I will touch on that in another blog down the road from here.

I am still testing my blood sugars 4x daily, which is more a habit now than a bother… but I will be happy when its all over and done with. 
I also have great deal of pressure and pain of my pelvis, which requires careful positioning in daily activities, for fear of causing unmanagable pain resulting in bed rest. God help everyone I know if I am put on bed rest, I already get frustrated daily at the growing list of things I cannot do.

And Jeremy got a gig dj-ing at Hugo’s Tuesday nights, and Element on Sunday nights. I think hes enjoying being a full fledged radio AND club dj now.  Being given a limitless bar tab and paid in cash each night has its perks.  Next big ticket item on our list is a laptop for his even more rapidly expanding music collection.

We went for a big fancy dinner at Il Terrazzo for New Years and then to a small house party for the countdown. I will admit, I had a half a glass of champagne at midnight. Rebel, rebel.

*Sigh* and now its January, the month of endless birthdays and rain.

Yes, a busy and interesting holiday season it was. 



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You are a girl, a beebee girl.

We went to Island Ultrasound this morning. 32 oz of water, and a tummyache later, our baby tumbled across the tv screens, swishing about in my belly.

our baby

We saw your little heart beat rapidly. All four chambers in working order.
We saw your little legs tucked up under your bum, and then tapping yourself in the  forehead, in one quick move. You bendy thing.

Baby leg

Baby kicks

Your teeny, tiny toes.  All ten of them.


And your face. We actually saw your face today.


And then, you threw a curveball.
Since the day I found out I was pregnant, I was so certain that you would be a little boy. I dont know why, but I thought you would. Which is why, when the technician told us, a girl, I was stunned. But through the roof, happy.

I am going to have a daughter.


Now we are off to celebrate with Chinese food from Mings. Mmmmm.



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Chillin’ by the snack table.

We went to the Doctor on Thursday. The good news is I dont have HIV, Hep B OR syphillis. A relationship saver, Im sure.
The bad news is I havent gained ANY weight in six weeks… and I got  a littla talking to. So now its snacking between meals and just general eating at every occasion. The problem is, Im never really that hungry!
We went to Jeremy’s work BBQ yesterday and I made it my mission, tacky or not, to sit beside the table covered with platters of veggies, fruit and 7 layer dip. I ate until it litterally HURT to eat. SO there, take that baby. Lets see you get through all of that!

Speaking of the baby, when we listened to his/her heartbeat on the doppler there was this other louder noise which made my doctor start to laugh. She said “do you hear that? Thats your baby rolling around all over the place!”
What a little dancing queen we have!

Oh, and October 1st is the day of our BIG ultrasound. I am sad because it is late… and I am not one known for my patience attributes. But I will suffer through.
We should start taking bets on a boy or a girl.
Any takers?

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13 weeks, Holy Moly.

I was told that taking pictures of your belly as you progress is one of the best memory makers for your pregnancy. I seem to have a bigger bump than most people at my current point in time. And its not cheesies! I like it though, I finally feel like I look pregnant, not just a lil bit chunky.  But seriously, I look more than three and a half months!!

Jeremy and I (as well as his brother CJ and his girlfriend Caitlin) went to the mainland for the weekend. Fireworks, Gay Pride Parades, Freeway accidents (not us!), and Cupcakes filled up our days, and now sadly we are back at home and back to reality. I wish weekends lasted forever!


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