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August 29, 2009

Today I parted with my Seven hundred and fifty dollar deposit. And I can officially say that this is where I will be getting married on August 29, 2009 (well, its the wedding packages anyways, the actual wedbsite was boring, but there are a few pictures).


I am so thrilled. Its beautiful, and a touch fancier than I could ever hope to be, and does SO many of the little things, that I get to focus on the fun part. Like dresses, and flowers, and cake. YAY YAY YAY! Oh, and the song. We picked the song we are going to walk down the asile to. SO sweet. Its ‘Today’ by Joshua Radin.  Take a listen.


By the time my wedding actually rolls around I have a feeling people will no longer be reading my blog, because they will be sick of wedding shiz. I apologize in advance.

Jer’s cousin had her baby a couple of days ago, and I litterally jumped around when I heard, I was so excited. Its weird, I dont normally get that thrilled about people popping out kids. I cant wait to see  him. And then look at my old child in horror after realizing just HOW much she has grown.


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