My name is Coral.
I was named for the ocean, and because my mother liked it better than Emily.
My daughter is beautifully two and charms me with her smile and wit.
She is devious and wonderful all at once.
My husband is a music hoarding nerd and the funniest man I’ve met.
We live on the West Coast in a home that is small, but is our own.
I am full to the brim with words, love, laundry, finger painted pictures and coffee.

Im good peoples.


4 responses to “About

  1. alix

    i don’t believe you!

  2. Shane

    Holy christ, you and Jeremy are cute. Reminds me of my 20s. Be good to each other. Life can get complicated…

  3. Jen

    CORAL! email me at work plz, I have to send u something and i dont have yer email since moving to AG…plz plz plzzzz you will LURVE THIS!

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